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Room Commands

Command Description
invite Invite a player/players to your room (by name or mention).
join Join a room (by activity or player).
leave Leave a room. If you are the host, the room will be disbanded.
look Shows your current room (or look at another room by activity or player).
ls List rooms in current guild.
new Make a new room (uses current activity or input).
Room Host Commands

Command Description
activity Set the name of your room. This is what the channel and role will be named as.
color Set the color of your room. Possible colors are: teal, green, blue, purple, magenta/pink, gold/yellow, orange, and red. A random color is set if the specified color is not included above.
description Set the description of your room. The description is the little message that you will see in the room list.
host Change the host of your room. Can either mention or use the name of new host.
kick Kick a player. Can either mention or use the name of the kickee.
lock Prevent people from joining your room.
size Set the max player size of your room. Once the room is full, I will ping the room.
timeout After inactivity for this amount of minutes, the room will automatically be disbanded.
voice_channel Create a voice channel associated with this room. Will not create if already exists.
Admin Commands

Command Description
force_disband Force delete a room (specify room name or @roomrole.
purge Delete rooms in this server. Use flags -a for all active rooms, -b for all broken rooms.
reset_settings Reset the sttings for this server.
settings Set options for this server. To set an option(s), use -flag value.
General Commands

Command Description
about Shows the amount of servers I am in and links to my source and creator.
donate Link to donation page for supporting RoomBot!
help Shows descriptions of all or specific commands.
ping Pong! Shows latency.
support Link to RoomBot's Discord support server


A RoomBot Room

New Room Demo


Settings Demo

Room and Voice Channel Creation

Creation Channel Demo

Support Me

Help RoomBot grow!

Any suggestions for improvement or feature requests are always welcome! Send me a message or ping me in the support server and I will answer within 24 hours.

If RoomBot helps you, please consider helping RoomBot! RoomBot is my hobby and I enjoy working on it, and your support enables me to continue to improve RoomBot. 😊 You can make donations through ko-fi or even just send me a message of thanks! 💖

Made for Discord Hack Week 2019.

1st place Social Bot!

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